WHY DOMINICAN REPUBLIC? - Hada Madrina Esthetique
The aesthetic clinic in Punta Cana, Republic Dominican available to all!
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Dominican Republic has the reputation of being THE emerging aesthetic destination in tourism for the quality of the services rendered and for their trustworthy clinics and institutes.
Punta Cana is considered an international destination with over 2 million tourists per year and is taking opportunity of these multicultural visitors to enrich itself in the aesthetic field by inviting professionals to practice aesthetic medicine adapted to all skin types.
Aesthetic medicine is four times less expensive in Dominican Republic than what you would be paying in Europe, Canada, Argentina or Chili. Why is that? Because the cost of living here is less, making products and material available to us, less expensive. Because of the very low exchange rates you get a better value for your money: 1 Euro equals 56 pesos and 1 U.S. dollar equals 50 pesos.
So don’t hesitate! Without busting your vacation budget you can still get a treatment that you believed you couldn’t afford and go back home looking younger than ever before! A few days away from friends and co-workers, discreetly get a treatment done and they won’t suspect a thing. They will just find you amazingly good looking! You’ll only tell them you definitely needed a break. Your vacation will never have been so profitable!

Let your Good Fairy guide you and you will be going home younger and more beautiful then ever!